A quick contact info to get in touch with me

The best way to communicate is through email:

For urgent matters you can also give me a call:

0049 (0) 7531.369.124.0


Skateboard Art

skateboard design portfolio Skateboards

Here is something for the concrete surfers. Check out the various comissioned and personal skateboard stuff I have made.

Surf Art

surf art and surfboard design portfolio Surf Art & Surfboards

I am mainly inspired by surfing, the ocean and all its belongings. Here I showcase my surf art and surfboard illustrations.


t-shirt design Tee Graphics & Apparel

Well, we wear it all day long – the t-shirt. Take a look at my tee graphics which I created for several companies.


decals and stickers Decals & Sticker

These are for my personal and promotional use. One for my car, one for my surfboard


poster illustration and art Poster Art

Yes, I do band merchandise, too. I draw posters and album covers mainly for punk and rock bands.

This and That

common design stuff Common Stuff

Here I put all the things in, for which there is no special category like sketches, logo design, freebies.