Moving before surfing :)

Hey! Today’s moving day. I’ll move to another appartment and studio, but not until next month, because I’m goin’ to have a nice surf (hopefully) at the Côte Basque.
I just wanted to say that I’ll be not available for the next four weeks, but I’ll try to find an internet café to give you a few reports about surfing days, gentlest people and an amazing landscape. I’ll try to meet up with Glacelöve (surfer, glasser and artist from Bayonne) and J.B. from the Wallako Surfshop at Bidart, the most beautiful surf shop I ever visited, he sells only handmade surfboards from Australia. If you are nearby to Biarritz ask for Wallako or J.B. :)

Ok, dudes, have a nice weekend and a good time.

Cheers Alex

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