Rebel for Life


Summer is blazing its trail, the first sausages have been punished by charcoal, the lake is still fu**ing cold, plunged into water again at last (ok, except of showering) and skateboarding, of course.

Um, there was still something to tell…, yeah, right, after a long time there’ll be a fresh piece of rolling wood, looks not really summery, but in about four weeks at jolly weather I’m going to take it out to the park, and shredding it. Many thanks to Sascha from Rebel Rockers for making this design possible, although it’s not everyone’s taste.

I carried around this idea for a while, but it wasn’t ready to be conceived so far. With my love for zombie movies and punk rock it has been consequential to create a deck which combines both of these passions: the Rebel for Life deck

Rebel for Life

The skateboard enthusiast brings his (or her) declaration of love for Rock’n'Roll to the asphalt with this not-so-fresh-anymore chunk of meat.

rebelforlife detail hand

rebelforlife detail 2

rebelforlife detail maggots

I’d be glad to hear read from you, dear readers if you like this one or if you are thinking  “Yuck! This one sucks, dude!”

On that note: Rock on :twisted: Skateboarding for life!


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