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Promo T-Shirt for Pleasure Snowboard Magazine

Mountain Boobs Promo Shirt for Pleasure Snowboard Mag


Hi folks!

I did this Mountain Boobs t-shirt graphic for the Pleasure Magazine last year which is used for promotion purpose. If you like to get one for free, you have to write a letter (be creative ;-) ) to the editorial team’s post box. Hurry up, because the tees are strong limited!

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Back from my Surf Trip

Aloha dudes!

After this awesome adventure I am back to my studio. I have a good deal of work to do including the redesign of my online portfolio. That means especially learning CSS and HTML better ;) .

Surfing was great and I’d like to tell and share my magic moments with you, but it will take a long while to have some free time to write such an article. Sometime you’ll get an essay to read. Promise!

One thing I broke my surfboard. Goddamn!

Fuck! My broken surfboard

Ok, not that great deal, I repaired it within about 2 hours. But the ocean with its greedy throat swallowed a f***ing expensive fin. No harm done, I had a second set of fins.

See you later!


T-shirt graphic for Dicayne Sportswear

Now, it’s Showtime! This is a short sleeve graphic for Dicayne Sportswear (a small but mighty German surf wear company),that I had loved to design it, just because I am a passionate surfer and I’m loving almost everything belongs to surfing. It should be screen-printed soon (hopefully in a few weeks). Well, I’m very excited.