Back from my Surf Trip

Aloha dudes!

After this awesome adventure I am back to my studio. I have a good deal of work to do including the redesign of my online portfolio. That means especially learning CSS and HTML better ;) .

Surfing was great and I’d like to tell and share my magic moments with you, but it will take a long while to have some free time to write such an article. Sometime you’ll get an essay to read. Promise!

One thing I broke my surfboard. Goddamn!

Fuck! My broken surfboard

Ok, not that great deal, I repaired it within about 2 hours. But the ocean with its greedy throat swallowed a f***ing expensive fin. No harm done, I had a second set of fins.

See you later!

Gone Surfing…!

Hi! Ok, we finally did it and got everything ready for a loong ride to the Ocean, can’t hardly await to have the pleasent smell of salt and the sea in our noses and the endless view which brings tears to one’s eyes in our sight. Alright, we’re on our way, I’ll be back in about four weeks and then you can watch out for some new sick illustrated stuff and skateboard graphics.

Have a nice time,

yours Alex

Moving before surfing :)

Hey! Today’s moving day. I’ll move to another appartment and studio, but not until next month, because I’m goin’ to have a nice surf (hopefully) at the Côte Basque.
I just wanted to say that I’ll be not available for the next four weeks, but I’ll try to find an internet café to give you a few reports about surfing days, gentlest people and an amazing landscape. I’ll try to meet up with Glacelöve (surfer, glasser and artist from Bayonne) and J.B. from the Wallako Surfshop at Bidart, the most beautiful surf shop I ever visited, he sells only handmade surfboards from Australia. If you are nearby to Biarritz ask for Wallako or J.B. :)

Ok, dudes, have a nice weekend and a good time.

Cheers Alex


T-shirt graphic for Dicayne Sportswear

Now, it’s Showtime! This is a short sleeve graphic for Dicayne Sportswear (a small but mighty German surf wear company),that I had loved to design it, just because I am a passionate surfer and I’m loving almost everything belongs to surfing. It should be screen-printed soon (hopefully in a few weeks). Well, I’m very excited.